Monday, January 22, 2007

MacGyver Would be Proud

Eric left for virginia today. He'll be back on Friday. Of course, that leaves me with Science fair to deal with. Charles has to do the Science Fair as a major part of his science grade. He wanted to do something that could explode.

Me, being a mother, and a girl (read I don't understand the joy men take in blowing things up) we had to reach a compromise (read - charles had to find a NEW , less explosive project) He found a project involving yeast and sugar substitutes.

On my kitchen table, we have set up a CO2 colllection devise using bottles of from water and soda.

There is plastic tubing and silicon. We also spent about $50 on yeast and "borroowed " sugar substitute packets from every resturaunt we ate at in the past month. I think our pictures are on kitchens across the area with the word WANTED; Sugar Substitute BANDITS.

So today, we see which sweetner rises to the occasion.

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