Saturday, January 20, 2007

It Goes On and On My Friends

It has been cold and rainy for eight long days now.

On one hand, we really could use the rain. A 20 month drought put us in Stage Three water rationing. All the rain has made the lake level rise - a lot.

On the other hand, we Texans are not used to cold and wet.

The kids are going a little squirrely. Their mommy, a lot squirrely.

We NEED rsome sun.

The weather manis teasing us, taunting even. Showing us pictures of a big glowing orb of yellow in the sky for tomorrow. For his sake, I hope it does.

My children NEED to be able to play outside. This morning we found them building a cat trap. They have had it with board games, the cajillion cars, Legos and K'Nex we have. They are tired of movies. I can see how the alluer of capturing the cat was alluring. They took some fire wood, a basket, a bowl with catfood and string and set out to capture the cat. She fell for it. They set her free and captured again. I heard here meowing as I came out of the laundry room.

Part of me laughed at their ingenuity the other part of me felt for the cat.

for the sake of the cat, we need SUN.


~LL~ said...

Yesterday was beautiful, huh? Today...sun, but cool. I can take that.

Mary W. said...

me too - my poor dog though! She can't understand the sun but not so warm concept.