Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Look at all of our snow
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It's the storm that never ends.

True to form, we, for the first time in a few years have the true seasons of Texas. Hot, Hotter, Is it still hot, and Jnauary.

This Texas girl is just about ready for January to end. It's STILL friggin cold. I HATE cold. I live in Texas because it is usually not so cold. IF I wanted cold, I'd live someplace up norht like Kansas.

This storm came in friday night and blanketed us with ice by Monday. The weather man said the "math looked like we'd finally break free of the freeze and get to 38° today.

The school closure and dusting of snow that came with THIS batch of ice shows that math sucks.

The weather looks like it's going to be winterish until Monday at the least.

On the good side, this is promising for the bluebonnets in April and God has a great sense of humour - he froze out Rick Perry's innaguration as governor. This shows God is saying WTH? I sent the peopl of Texas Kinky and the still kept Perry. So this ice is retribution.

God Bless Texas, please send April.

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