Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Weird Science

it's still cold.

Really really really cold - at least for this Texas gal

I was so not made to do 26°. I swear, one of my stretch marks says do not expose to tempratures lower than 75°F. I am not made for 50°, so anything below freezing slays me.

That being said. I was the lucky designated adult for the "adult supervision required" part of the Pinewood derby car painting process.

This year we did not procrastinate. We will not be painting cars Thursday night praying for the paint to dry before Friday's turn in (too bad I didn't blog last year and y'all could have read about my ill fated lesson in paint drying) We are finishing up the paint jobs today so we can seal them tomorrow so they can dry all day Thursday and Friday.

That being said, I found myself OUTSIDE this morning in 21° weather painting the third coat on said Pinewood Derby cars.

I learned that paint can freeze.

I learned that paint freezes in tuny blobs rather than leaving a fine coating over the car.

I fixed it.

But still.

If it's too cold for paint in a can. It's too cold for me.

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